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What we can do to reduce our impact on the planet

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World leaders are talking to each other in Glasgow this week. They have a poor track record of effecting the change the planet needs them to deliver, but we can all do something to help.

Our friends and colleagues at Middlesbrough Environment City have sent 2 really useful documents to share with the sector: WWF Sustainable Office Guide and Guide to Future Proof Sport and Recreation Facilities. You can download them using the links below.

Please, get in touch to tell us what changes your group or organisation is making to help reduce your carbon footprint so we can share lots of ideas that others might be able to use. MVDA is still operating a hybrid-working system, which means we are all travelling less often than before.

David Attenborough: "We have to act now".

WWF Sustainable Office Guide

Guide to Future Proof Sport and Recreation Facilities

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