We are here to support, promote and develop voluntary and community action in Middlesbrough.

Our work

We deliver our work through a wide range of programmes.  This section of our website provides an A-Z of our work, with each page providing details of who to contact at MVDA if you would like to know more.  See the menu on the right of this page.

In addition, you can find out more about the service we provide for local voluntary and community organisations by following one of the following links:

  • Community engagement: a route by which local people can have a voice and influence over the initiation, design, development and evaluation of policies and services that have an impact on them.
  • Development support: a range of services that support the development of community groups and voluntary organisations, including: setting up an organisation (including support around appropriate governance models); funding advice and support; development of policies and procedures; good practice in running and developing services etc.
  • VCS representation, voice and influence: we provide a range of services whereby we represent VCS interests in work with a variety of stakeholders and we facilitate a number of networks and forums.  This section of our website is under development.
  • Volunteering: we provide support to volunteer involving organisations (VIOs) to support them in good practice, as well as providing a brokerage service for Middlesbrough people interested in volunteering.