We are here to support, promote and develop voluntary and community action in Middlesbrough


We are regularly contacted by companies and contacts with donations of free items to be given away to voluntary organisations in the Middlesbrough or surrounding area.

We have an email list for groups interested in receiving such goods.

To be added to the distribution list contact Sue Naylor email sue.naylor@mvdauk.org.uk or call 01642 803602.

Please note they must be for voluntary and community groups use only and not to be resold.

About our Freebies scheme

Through our work to distribute goods that would have otherwise gone to landfill we have tested an approach of establishing links and relationships with businesses and others and arranging for goods such as office furniture, PPE, paper cups, lightbulbs and so much more to be distributed for community benefit across the Middlesbrough and the wider Tees Valley.

Take a look at the added value our scheme provides:

  • £437,453 estimated value of goods shared in 2021/22 (£161,691 in 20/21)
  • 164 voluntary organisations benefitting from goods (93 in 20/21)

Our particular thanks to our contacts at BIC (Business in the Community), Tesco and Morrisons (Berwick Hills - Community Champion) for their regular donations and help.