We are here to support, promote and develop voluntary and community action in Middlesbrough


Going Green Together tool

Going Green Together is a movement to supports VCSE organisations and communities in the North East to take action on the climate emergency. It has a web tool to help organisations to take their first climate action steps and share their action with others in the following areas: 


Visit www.goinggreentogether.org

Templates for developing successful funding applications

Keda Consulting has developed the Lego Approach to trust fundraising, which helps you to think about your application methodically. It provides helpful cues and a structured format that will suit many applications.


There is a simple toolkit to help you to being to inject the Lego Approach into your own trust fundraising which you can download for free here


NCVO has written a simple model to help Voluntary and Community Organisations to create eye-catching funding applications. Receiving the funding and support you need can often be a difficult task. In light of that, writing a proposal letter for a not for profit organisation is all about adapting to your audience. It doesn’t matter who you are writing to and in what capacity as long as you abide by the general principles and address your target reader properly




Snowball has provided a very good template to help you write funding applications that will improve your success rate by getting the right information across to the funding officers and grants panels who will have to read your work and others and then decide how to share out their allocation of money.



Please use these templates to help you write funding applications that get you the grants you need to make things happen. Use the Who’s who page to find a staff member to provide you with any further information or support you want.

How to encrypt a UBS stick

How safe is your USB stick? Many people often need to store important information such as client’s personal details, and transfer it between devices, but what would happen if you lost it?

Ruth Barnes at MVDA has created some simple instructions on how to encrypt a USB stick for Windows users. 

Easyread coronavirus information

Navca has shared this useful easyread information about the coronavirus situation. Please download or share it where appropriate.

South Tees Social Prescribing Business Case

As Social prescribing is beginning to get more and more air time in terms of meetings, events and publications here at MVDA we thought it might be of interest to share with you some of our early thinking that shaped the development of the South Tees Social Prescribing Business Case which we developed way back in 2014/15.

However, it is fair to say that this thinking is still the basis of social prescribing in general and we hope you find this information helpful and useful.  The information includes:

  • The Executive Summary from the original Business Case
  • Our concept delivery model
  • A performance framework
  • A possible referral pathway

Research tools for measuring impact on wellbeing

Here are some tools you can use to measure the impact of your work on the wellbeing of the people involved with your organisation. Remember to take your baseline data before you begin work with the person.

These websites contain useful instruction on how to use ICECAP O and Warwick Edinburgh measures:


Warwick Edinburgh

Talent Match Middlesbrough Legacy Event Resources

Key messages generated by the Talent Match Middlesbrough (TMM) Young People's Panel (YPP) as to the importance of their involvement in key decisions across the programme and the confidence that gave them. This has driven MVDA's approach to involving young people. 

GDPR Toolkit

This toolkit is a very helpful guide for Voluntary and Community Organisations to help them get everything they need in place to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Voluntary Organisations Development Agency (VODA) is our sister organisation in North Tyneside; they have granted us permission to share this toolkit in Middlesbrough. The toolkit is for smaller organisations, so if you have employees or hold contracts for services you will need to seek additional support and guidance.

Counter fraud checklist for charities

Charity Finance Group has produced this counter fraud checklist for charities. This checklist is designed to help you to establish (or strengthen) a counter-fraud policy and to cultivate the right culture in your charity to help deter the dishonest minority.