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ChildFair State Inquiry: a call for contributions

30 July 2018 - 4:47pm

Children England has launched an inquiry into a welfare state that puts children and young people at heart and they need our support to identify:

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National Co-production Week

6 July 2018 - 1:45pm

National Co-production Week: 2-6 July 2018

Breaking down the barriers to co-production

For the third year running, Co-production Week celebrates the benefits of co-production and encourages the sharing of good practice.

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Healthwatch South Tees

Healthwatch South Tees Annual Report

4 July 2018 - 4:06pm

Natasha Judge, Development & Delivery Manager Healthwatch South Tees reflects on the last year and invites you to share in her teams success and learning.

Read the Healthwatch South Tees Annual Report

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Small Charity Week & Refugee Week 2018

18-24 June: So much to celebrate

13 June 2018 - 4:18pm

18-23 June Small Charity Week

There are about 166,000 voluntary organisations in the UK and the majority are small. 
Small Charity Week celebrates and raises awareness of their essential work and their invaluable contribution to the lives of millions of individuals, communities and causes across the UK.

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Carers Week: 11-17 June 2018

11 June 2018 - 8:45am

Carers Week is an annual campaign to raise awareness of caring, highlight the challenges carers face and recognise the contribution they make to families and communities throughout the UK.

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