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Middlesbrough Severe Weather Emergency Protocol activated to support rough sleepers

As of Sunday 17th July Middlesbrough Council is activating the Severe Weather Emergency Protocol (SWEP) for the first time due to extreme heat. SWEP will last for a minimum of 3 nights. The following message is from Rachel Jenkins at the Council who will send notification when this is deactivated.

This advice is to support rough sleepers who may be in need of help.

We can be contacted on 01642 726800 or Freephone 08001303667.

SWEP operates outside of the usual eligibility and entitlement frameworks that govern access to housing. The Council will not apply Part VII Housing Act 1996 criteria (as amended by the Homelessness Act 2002 and the Homelessness Reduction Act 2017) when deciding to assist a person sleeping rough during the SWEP activation period. This means that the individual concerned is not required in this case to demonstrate eligibility for assistance, including access to public funds, priority need, intentionality or a local connection.

The individual concerned must only:

•             Be at risk if they continue to sleep rough during the period of severe weather;

•             Have nowhere to sleep indoors during the period of severe weather (this does not include cars, sheds, garages etc

•             Agree to assistance offered by the Council and/or its partners.

In addition to accommodation, the following has been arranged for those rough sleeping:
1pm - 3pm on Saturday 16th July -Streets Ahead, 109-111 Parliament Road, TS1 4JE will be open to distribute water and sunscreen.
11am – 5pm on Sunday 17th July – The reception area at Stages Academy, Bridge Street West, TS2 1AB will be open to distribute water & sunscreen.

On Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th July anyone found rough sleeping should be directed to Middlesbrough House, 50 Corporation Road, TS1 2RH for accommodation, water and sunscreen.

From Friday 15th July Recovery Solutions Outreach Team have carried stock of sun cream, hats and water to distribute to those in need and supplies have been dropped off to key agencies for distribution over the weekend and ongoing.

Please distribute this to all colleagues and partners who will benefit from this information.

Kind regards,
Rachel Jenkins
Rachel Jenkins (She/Her)
Team Manager - Housing Solutions
Middlesbrough Borough Council
Adult Social Care and Health Integration
Civic Centre, P O Box 504
Middlesbrough, TS1 9FY
Postcode for GPS and sat nav systems: TS1 2RH
Main line: 01642 726800   
E: rachel_jenkins@middlesbrough.gov.uk

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