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Last of the free food-safe packaging

Morrisons has delivered the final load of free food-safe packaging for the time being. You have made really good use of their donations and lots of voluntary and community groups have come along to collect goods from our offices. We hope there will be more to come in the future.

This time we have:
24 x 250 brown pie bags
22 x 100 cake platters (holds 12 cup cakes). Sadly empty no cakes.

The plastic cake platters would act like little plant propagators if you popped a few holes in the bottom of them to let the water out. They could also be used for paint, storing crafty little bits, all sorts of craft uses.

If you would like some of these and can collect them from the MVDA office, please contact Sue:
Tel:   01642 803602
Email: sue.naylor@mvdauk.org.uk


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