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Independent Age seeks ideas to shape grant programme in Middlesbrough

Independent Age, a national older people’s charity and funder, will be giving grants amounting to £250,000 over 2 years, starting later this year, in Middlesbrough. Independent Age (IA) will be particularly targeting this funding towards communities and groups that it has not yet worked with very much, i.e. those led by and/or coming from racially minoritised communities, the poorer parts/communities of Middlesbrough, minority faith communities and LGBTQ+ groups.

Independent Age is having two public meetings where they will ask local people and organisations to tell them what they think they should be spending this grant money on:

  1. The first public meeting will focus on setting local priorities for the grants and is on Thursday, June 16th from 2.00 to 4.30 p.m. at the International Community Centre, 7 Abingdon Road, Middlesbrough TS1 2DP.
  2. The second, follow-up meeting, for suggesting specific activities, projects and organisations, based on the priorities, is on Thursday July 7th – same time, same location.

IA is doing their best to organise the meetings so that older people and anyone else attending can participate in their own community language. IA will also aim to provide every older person attending with a £5 shopping voucher at the end of the event, in thanks for their contribution.

We are supporting IA’s plans and would like you to publicise these meetings widely within your community and among your audience:

  • They particularly want older people from the minority groups mentioned above and the poorer sections of Middlesbrough to come to these public meetings and to shape where this money goes.
  • Also, if your organisation works with older people, is led by older people, has older people among its audience and/or works with the poorer or minoritised communities and groups we are targeting, please attend too.

Independent Age would love to come and speak to older people and communities connected to your organisation, especially people from the target communities about the grants and public meetings. If you would be happy for them to visit, please email Amma, the grants coordinator at amma.owusu-atuahene@independentage.org. You can also contact Amma if you want any further information or would like to chat about the grants.

Finally, if you or the older people you know cannot get to the public meetings, please can you complete the short survey at this link: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/2PX9T7R  – it allows you to say what you think should be the priorities for Independent Age’s grants for older people in Middlesbrough.

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