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The future commissioning of key support services

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The way Middlesbrough Council co-ordinates and funds key local support services is changing.  From September 2020, a new model of provision around homelessness, domestic abuse, sexual violence, substance misuse and welfare rights will be introduced. This will see an in-house service delivered by the Council through a Core Team with a focus on early intervention and engagement, understanding the needs of individuals and client co-ordination.  In addition to the Core Team, there will be three specialist services - the majority of which will be subject to a tender process - providing support to meet the identified specific needs of individuals. These are:

  • Accommodation services
  • Substance misuse services
  • Protect and support services (focusing on domestic abuse and sexual violence).

This new approach to the provision of support services identifies the need for strong collaboration. The current plans are described as the first phase in the move towards wider integration.  The Council’s annual budget for this new service model is £4,446,906 which represents planned budget reductions of £400,000 in homelessness support and £924,000 from substance misuse support services. 

At present, Middlesbrough Council funds a range of different support services under the above areas through 22 different contracts (or other funding agreements).

Further information about the proposals, together with supporting documentation, can be found in this report that was approved by Middlesbrough Council's Executive in October. 

Pre-procurement activity events

Middlesbrough Council is organising two supplier information events prior to the procurement activity that will commence at the start of January 2020.  These supplier information events will focus on the integrated service delivery model and the various elements which will link together to provide a high quality, high performing service for Middlesbrough residents.  The event will take place on 18 November (1.30-3.30pm) and 22 November (9.30-11.30am) in the Old Fire Station, Middlesbrough Town Hall.  A maximum of two representatives per organisation can book places by emailing sam_haran@middlesbrough.gov.uk  Further details are available on NEPO

What does this mean for the local VCS?

  • For some organisations, there might be opportunities to bid to deliver services through this commissioning activity.  If this is of potential interest, consider attending one of the supplier information events detailed above and make sure you’re registered with NEPO in preparation for the launch of the procurement activity at the start of January.
  • As the current proposals are described as phase 1 in a move towards wider integration, there might be future developments that might be of interest and/or have an impact on your organisation. Although there is nothing concrete in terms of what might form phase 2, we understand that officers are/will explore a range of service areas. MVDA will keep this under review and provide further details when known.
  • Regardless of the potential opportunities to deliver services as part of this approach, if you work with people affected by homelessness, domestic abuse, sexual violence, substance misuse or people who benefit from welfare rights support, you will benefit from better understanding the changes that are to be implemented through this commissioning activity. Following the two supplier information events, MVDA will publish a briefing note to summarise the model further and provide essential information. 

If you have any queries or would like to raise any issues/concerns, feel free to contact Mark Davis, Chief Executive for MVDA, in the first instance. 

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