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Facemasks for volunteers

MVDA has been asked to help source facemasks; local organisations want to keep volunteers safe but don’t want to take away supplies that could be going to NHS staff or other frontline workers. In the recent Outlook e-bulletin we invited you to tell us about suppliers you know about that can provide facemasks for volunteers.

We got some really good leads and have spoken to the organisations you told us about. One of the organisations that has been supplying scrubs for James Cook University Hospital has offered to supply facemasks but wants to know how many are needed to confirm it has the capacity to deliver.

So, does your organisation want cloth facemasks for your volunteers? The facemasks are washable and reusable; they are not the type that surgeons use in hospitals – they are the type that people are using to keep themselves safe outdoors and when they are shopping.

Please let us know if you want facemasks and tell me how many you need. Phone John on 07852 269486 or email john.atkinson@mvdauk.org.uk.

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