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Covid Champions Network seeks more members

Would you like to help your local community to be kept up to date with correct information about the coronavirus and how to stay safe? Middlesbrough Council is looking for local volunteers who would like to become Covid Champions and join the Covid Champions Network to help us tackle the pandemic in our town.

Covid Champions will help their family, friends and wider community to make sense of the latest advice, dispel any myths or confusion, and lower our risk of catching the virus.

As a Champion, you will receive regular updates on Covid-19 from the Council – in whichever way you prefer, so you can share the correct information in your own way to keep local people informed. We also want you to let us know of any concerns around Covid within your community so we can help to address them and get the right messages out.

How do I become a Covid Champion?

Anyone over the age of 18 can become a Covid Champion and the process to join is easy:

  • You sign up to be a champion by emailing covidchampions@middlesbrough.gov.uk and asking for a signing up form, or you can sign up through the Council website: www.middlesbrough.gov.uk/covidchampions
  • You'll then be added to the Network and receive the latest information about Covid-19 regularly as well as attending online meetings of the Network where you can meet other Champions and share ideas and approaches.
  • You will be offered any training and kept in touch regularly so you are supported and kept up to date with government advice and what is happening locally.

MVDA is part of the Covid Champions Network and encourages our members to join to help keep our communities safe and help us get through this pandemic together.

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