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ChildFair State Inquiry: a call for contributions

Children England has launched an inquiry into a welfare state that puts children and young people at heart and they need our support to identify:

  • Children and young people's views on what is working and what needs to change- in the elements of the welfare state that affect their lives.
  • Examples of policy and practices that support the whole person, and which can offer lessons for design of a welfare state that meets all children's needs.


Using a child-friendly adaptation of Maslow's hierarchy of 'needs'- home; safety and security; love and belonging; health; and purpose as illustrated in the graphic of the tree, Children England have identified five core needs flowing through all branches of the welfare state, including schools, housing and health, recognising that no service or system addresses one need whilst failing or exacerbating another. Children England recognise that the VCS will have great examples to offer, whether from your own practice or initiatives elsewhere but it is critical that children and young people themselves, through practitioners working with them, are able to contribute how they think services should meet their needs holistically.  

There are two main ways you can contribute:

  • Involve the children and young people you support - Ask your participation staff to run a session with a group of children or young people, using or tailoring the activity plans for children or young people created to gather their views on any aspect of the welfare state they’ve experienced.  Chloë Darlington, Policy and Campaigns Manager at Children England is very happy to take a call from anyone who wants to discuss this before trying it out, and children and young people’s views are welcomed in any format they choose!
  • Invite your staff to submit examples from their own work - Practitioners can use the ChildFair State page link to reply directly or they can use the online form to send suggestions directly to Children England.

Children England are encouraging you to send contributions by Monday 3 September but appreciate that, if it is more practical, in the context of your organisation to engage with children and young people after term time starts, then please do contact Chloë Darlington so that they will be aware of this contribution.

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