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Inspiring impact

I had a very productive visit to London last week and no it wasn’t shopping related! I attended a two day Inspiring Impact event held at NCVO, which is literally a five minute walk from Kings Cross but took me 15 because my map reading specs weren’t working properly!

To be truthful, I prepared myself for a very dry and mundane learning exchange, but was pleasantly surprised at how interactive, inspiring and dare I say enjoyable it was.

The room was full of passionate staff from VCOs from across the country and facilitated by two energetic and enthusiastic trainers who ensured that no stone was unturned by encouraging detailed explanations and reasoning as to why we wanted to become Inspiring Impact Champions.

We were referred to the impact hub which has a wealth of resources to help organisations measure impact and which will be invaluable for MVDA’s work in supporting VCOs to fulfil their missions more effectively. Travelling back on the train I did some work on an action plan of how preventive services can demonstrate their impact to help inform future commissioning, which is linked to our work under the banner of Partners in Prevention.

Now I’m back in Middlesbrough and thinking about the training, I feel there is great potential and I’m currently finishing the action plan to set out how we will be implementing activities in our role as an Inspiring Impact Champion.

So, I will be in touch soon to share progress but if you’d like to find out more in the meantime, please contact me.

Berni Doab