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A Day in the Life of... Craig Duerden

How long you’ve been at MVDA?

Erm ….. good question! Probably too long. In total 11 years spanning 14 years.

What did you do before you worked here?

 I left MVDA in 2010 to work as the Programme Manager for Newcastle LINk and then Healthwatch Newcastle. I came back to MVDA in 2014 with my tail between my legs!!!

What time do you normally get up?

Between 7.30 and 8 am. It takes me a while to get my old, impaired bones going so am usually ready to set off for work at 9 ish.

What’s your morning routine before leaving the house?

Exercises to get going. Shouting at the dogs. Washing up after my (still at home, but should be elsewhere!) daughter’s evening meal. Sorting out my wife’s IT as she starts work at 8.

Describe a typical morning at MVDA.

I start by setting up my Surface device and checking my emails.  I check and remind myself of up-and-coming meetings and attend any online or face/face meetings. Checking in with Sue is also a priority and having a quick chat with any other work colleagues who are in the office.

What do you do for lunch? Got any favourite dishes or recommended cafes you go to?

Either noodles or a pasty from the shop up the road. A few of us go to Mannequin Café which we really like and the Polish owners know us now.

Describe a typical afternoon at MVDA.

Either online or face/face meetings. Writing emails and reading documents etc – all the boring stuff!!

How do you wind down in the evening?

Shout at the dogs again, but relax after dinner (tea as my mum called it) by playing my guitar for an hour or so. Then my wife and I watch whatever series we are watching in bed. We have recently finished When The Boat Comes In which is very incisive about the interwar years and the working classes.

What’s the best part of your job?

Besides working alongside my work colleagues, I love meeting and talking to people from the different communities in Middlesbrough.

What’s the most challenging part of your job?

Challenging ‘the system’. There are many barriers to changing the lives of the people of Middlesbrough for the better.

What’s your biggest work achievement/something you’re most proud of that’s happened in the last 12 months?

Difficult, but probably I’m proud of re-connecting with different communities in Middlesbrough after being furloughed and meeting new people and communities.

Craig Duerden


In February 2007 Craig joined the Planning & Partnership team with a focus on Health & Social Care.  He left MVDA in 2010 and re-joined us in August 2014 as Strategic Development Officer.  He is currently acting as the partnership manager for both the Middlesbrough Carers Partnership and Middlesbrough Mental Health Partnership as well as leading MVDA’s work around VCS intelligence and supporting the Health and Wellbeing VCS Forum.