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Cancer Care Co-ordinators fantastic day out...

After a rigorous four weeks Macmillan induction for our new role as Cancer Care Co-ordinator (CCC) we pitched up at MVDA to learn about the services they provide to our community. We received a lovely cuppa and a very warm welcome from Berni and Craig.

Our role as CCC is to deliver high standard of care and support to patients with cancer from diagnosis to post treatment. As a team of CCC’s we have varying backgrounds and a plethora of skills which include; cancer, drug and alcohol services, A&E, Counselling, Public Health, Air Hostess (wine spilling acrobat) a.k.a jack of all trades some might say!

We were pleasantly surprised to receive a delicious picnic lunch provided by Homemade by Gingers and also met Mark, CEO who had recently spent a day at JCUH and walked in our shoes; was very understanding of our roles and the miles we walk!

After lunch we agreed to meet Berni in the Jean Paul Centre, unfortunately we were directed to the wrong building where we stood in a corridor for 10 minutes and poor Berni had been waiting for us in the pouring rain but luckily Binni came to our rescue and introduced us to his team.

After a good chin wag with Binni, Abraham & Lara we gained an insight into the diverse cultures in Teesside and their beliefs about cancer and the barriers communities face in accessing health services.

It would be fantastic in the future if we could work together and to bring a greater understanding of cancer to the communities in the area.

Andrea, Vicky, Terri, Laura, Linsey and Julie.

For further information contact:
Kay Dover
Service Improvement Lead
Macmillan Integration of Cancer Care Programme
Tel: 01287 284426
Email: Kay.Dover@stees.nhs.uk