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Early Help Hub 2016-2018

Throughout 2016-2018 MVDA completed a piece of work in partnership with Middlesbrough Council around the development of the multi-agency Early Help Hub. This work included:

  • Identifying the range of diverse services that can respond to the needs of individual children and families
  • Facilitating links and brokering relationships between VCOs and early help workers
  • Providing a co-ordinated approach to engagement between early help and the VCS
  • Supporting VCOs that contribute to early help with capacity building and workforce development
  • Developing an understanding of the issues children and families face and identifying gaps within early help service provision
  • Identifying innovative approaches and opportunities for collaboration to meet the needs of children and families.

Download our infographic created October 2016 to demonstrate thinking around the work to review a whole system approach to early help. 

Since concluding this work Middlesbrough council have commenced work to transform the work around children and family services. See our work to support VCOs involved or interested in work around Middlesbrough's children and families for more information on the learning from our work with the Early Help Hub which is now known as The Family Partnerships Team. 


The main contact at MVDA for the work with the Early Help Hub is Tracey Brittain