We are here to support, promote and develop voluntary and community action in Middlesbrough

Volunteers Co-ordinator Forum

We organise a virtual volunteer co-ordinators meeting once a fortnight, providing an online, networking and learning opportunity designed to bring volunteer coordinators from Middlesbrough together to connect and share, learn with and from each other, as well as develop best practices for engaging volunteers.

Summary of previous meetings (most recent first):

10 June 2020: The discussion looked at whether organisations were making any plans to bring back their volunteers and what preparations were they making. They were encourage to follow CIPD guidance. The need for new risk assessments was broached as part of a new volunteer handbook and organisations were asked to check their insurance details going forward. There was a discussion on volunteering safely following NVCO guidelines and a reminder that mental health issues should be addressed as an ongoing concern.


26 May 2020:  There was a discussion about safe ways in which volunteers can be brought back and the issue of keeping volunteers engaged and motivated was highlighted. Participants shared ways in which they are keeping in touch with their volunteers. A few safegaurding scenarios were discussed and views were exchanged about ways in which such situations can be approached with some focus on what activities come under regulated activity. Information about Volunteer Week  as well as MVDA's current volunteering opportunities webpage that listed COVID-19 opportunities as well as remote ones was shared. Opinon about establishing an online forum for volunteer co-ordinaors using tools such as Slack or Trello was sought. It was also agreed that it would be good to rotate days for organising the virtual meeting to enable more people to participate.