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VA Quality Award

The Volunteering Academy Quality Award is to help organisations give volunteers assurances on the quality of their experience, and will officially launch in June 2024.  

Currently we have seven volunteering-involved organisations (VIOs) helping us to pilot test the process. The VAQA is based on the Tees Valley Infrastructure Partnership Volunteering Charter which many organisations across the Tees Valley have signed up to. 

Our first award has been given to FareShare North East, read more.

The pilot-testing VIOs have completed a VAQA self-assessment to help us understand where they are with their volunteering and how they recruit and support volunteers within their organisation. At each stage of the pilot process, we are seeking the views of our pilot testers as part of a co-design approach and to ensure their comments and feedback are incorporated into the final process.

Once the pilot testing is complete we will officially launch the VAQA in June 2024 enabling all VIOs who have a footprint in Middlesbrough to apply for the award.

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