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Partners in Prevention

Led by MVDA, Partners in Prevention is a programme of work around the local VCS understanding of, and contribution in shaping and delivering preventative services.  Our initial work has included significant engagement with VCOs through workshops, one-to-one meetings and on-line survey.  So far we have:

  • Agreed a common definition of prevention
  • Developed our understanding of what prevention means from a person-centred perspective
  • Captured knowledge of VCS person-centred support
  • Agreed on where prevention should sit within policy and strategy
  • Identified of the role the VCS has in prevention
  • Agreed our priorities for prevention in going forward.

Through holistic services that fall into three main categories of primary, secondary and tertiary prevention, VCOs deliver interventions that enhance and improve quality of life.  Examples of preventative services are enabling social inclusion and social engagement, assisting people to remain in their homes and awareness raising to name but a few. 

Partners in Prevention acts as a vehicle for the sector to work together towards a collective approach - sharing information, building a robust evidence base and finding solutions as well as giving the sector a voice to influence policy and strategy. The VCS preventative services help to reduce the likelihood of people requiring statutory intervention or acute services, helping to free up resources and reduce the pressure on statutory health and social care services.

The main contact at MVDA for the Community Connect Programme is Berni Doab