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Campaigning during elections – rules for charities

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We are in the thick of another General Election. There have also been Local Government and European Union elections earlier in the year. It feels like a good time to provide a clear set of guidelines to help charities that are lobbying or campaigning for change on particular issues to check their activities remain within the law.

The law in question here is the Transparency of Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Act 2014. The Electoral Commission and The Charity Commission have produced clear and useful guidance for charities, which is attached to this article.

NVCO has published a very helpful blog that you can read here: NCVO Blog: The lobbying Act shouldn't stop you from campaigning

As ever, the MVDA team is happy to talk about any questions you may have concerning lobbying during elections and will look for answers to any questions you can’t find in the information we have provided in this article.

Campaigning guidelines

Campaigning is a vital element of the sector’s activity to support a better society for everyone. Please use the guidance below to check you are acting legally, then raise your voice!

Charity Commission: CC9 Campaigning and political activity guidance for charities (PDF)

Charity Commission: Charities Elections and Referendums (PDF)

Electoral Commission Charities and Campaigning (PDF)

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