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Red carpet celebration for young activists

Life is better for young people in Middlesbrough due to the persistence and dedication of a group of vulnerable young people who wanted to make a difference.

The Talent Match Middlesbrough five-year programme that supported young people between 18 – 24, furthest away from the labour market, was steered by a user group of young people with a diverse range of needs and facilitated by MVDA.

Over a relatively short time, the young people developed significant confidence, skills and knowledge beyond what they had achieved in education. Delivering a massive 6,000 voluntary hours over the five-year period, they smashed the myths that young people are lazy and don’t want to work. This news article highlights the impact and importance of a true user-led programme on the work we did as well as the young people themselves. See their most recent short film about judging and stereotyping young people.

Their achievements are too many to write here but there are a few resources they would like to publicise to ensure their work continues to help others like them:

  • RACC Form (Requesting Changes to Claimant Commitment) - developed in partnership with Middlesbrough Job Centre. A conversation starter to highlight adjustments required for an individual on their journey to employment.
  • Employers Charter - A resource which provides the basis for the employer and new employee to share information and work together for a more positive and productive experience.

Red carpet celebration 

To celebrate their vast achievements and the end of the programme we held a well-earned red-carpet event at Acklam Hall. This was supported by Middlesbrough College who provided free hair and beauty treatments to male and female members to contribute to their special evening. This means so much to individuals who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford such things. MVDA and the young people would like to thank Middlesbrough College for this very kind contribution.

For more information or to contact one of the team, please email: gill.durdan@mvdauk.org.uk  or lisa.bosomworth@mvdauk.org.uk

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