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MVDA – Helping turn ideas into action

MVDA gets a steady flow of enquiries from people who have really good ideas, but don’t know how to go about getting things started. Thankfully John Atkinson, MVDA’s Community Action and Development Officer, is always here to help.

A great example of how a little bit of help can make brilliant things happen is Close-Knit Families CIC. With time on her hands during lockdown, Beth Munby contacted MVDA with an idea for a video resource to help new parents to understand how they can help their baby’s brains to develop.

John helped Beth to set up a suitable organisation to carry out the work she had in mind, and was on hand to help during the registration process. John was able to answer questions Beth had about policies, funding and how to contact useful networks.

In a short while, Close-Knit Families has become established, raising funds, engaging animators and producing a wonderful video resource. Of course, the real work has been done by Beth and her team – check them out at: www.close-knit.org.uk

So, if you have an idea, please email or phone to see how we can help you turn it into action.

John Atkinson – 07852 269486 john.atkinson@mvdauk.org.uk

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