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Civil Society Futures - new report

Today sees the launch of the Civil Society Futures report - the result of a two year inquiry into the future of Civil Society and what the sector needs to do to change and adapt to economic and social changes over the next decade and beyond. 

It calls on individuals, charities and organisations in civil society to commit to a new ‘PACT’:

  • Power: shifting power and sharing more decision-making and control, being a model of inclusive participation for the rest of society.
  • Accountability: being primarily accountable to the people they serve – instead of putting funders and government first – and being accountable to future generations.
  • Connection: broadening and deepening connections with people and communities, bridging damaging social divides, and investing in a new ‘social infrastructure’.
  • Trust: devoting more time and resources to build trust in all civil society activity, earning trust by speaking up to politicians and corporations, trusting communities to make the decisions that affect them.

You can read and download a copy of the report here:  http://www.civilsocietyfutures.org/final-reports

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