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Looking Ahead

In the summer we initiated an ambitious strategic planning exercise to develop an understanding of the long-term aspirations for Middlesbrough's VCS.  We are exploring what all stakeholders can do to create the conditions for, and support a thriving local VCS.  We have adopted an interative process.  During August and September, we have primarily focused our efforts on engaging with VCOs in the form of roundtable discussions and through an online survey.  We have reflected on the emerging findings from the survey, which is shaping our next phase of discussions with both VCOs and others. 

We expect to our Looking Ahead work to:

  • shape MVDA’s long-term strategic plans in supporting an effective and enterprising VCS;
  • provide the basis for discussion around the actions that others, such as public sector agencies can take to support a thriving local VCS;
  • provide a tool to support individual local VCOs of all sizes with their own organisational development and business planning activities;
  • highlight and profile good practice across the sector and demonstrating the impact of VCOs;
  • provide a robust evidence base for future planning and support, as well as for promoting investment in the VCS and strong partnership working across the sector and with stakeholders.

If you are a representative of a local VCO and have not yet completed our online survey, click here.  We have re-opened the survey until 31 October. 

Read our initial briefing note here.

The main contact at MVDA for our Looking Ahead work is Mark Davis