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Carers Strategic Partnership

Established in 2016, the Middlesbrough Carers Strategic Partnership (CSP) is a multi-agency partnership delivering the outcomes of the Strategy to Support and Value Carers in Middlesbrough (2015-2019).   The overarching aim of the partnership is to improve the quality of life for carers in Middlesbrough.  The membership comprises of representation from Middlesbrough Council, South Tees Clinical Commissioning Group and local VCOs.

MVDA is supporting the development of CSP and co-ordinating its business functions.  The CSP is governed by a Partnership Agreement and reports to the Middlesbrough Health and Wellbeing Board through the Public Health Delivery Partnership.  

Strategy to Support & Value Carers (2015 – 2019)

For more information about the CSP, contact Craig Duerden at MVDA

Summary of previous meetings (most recent first):

  • April 2017 (Workshop): This workshop was arranged for the Partnership to finalise priority areas for commissioning against the strategic outcomes of the Middlesbrough Carers Strategy. Three areas – employment and volunteering, General Practice and hospital support - were worked into pre-tender documents. Further work will now be undertaken on these and will be fed back to the Partnership.
  • March 2017: This meeting had a very useful insight presentation by Neuro Key (formerly TVDNY Neurological Alliance) and then went on to consider a proposal to establish a Task and Finish Group (TFG) to establish a partnership mechanism for Kinship Carers issues to be taken forward. The Partnership’s Co-ordinators report informed the Partnership of Personal Health Budgets and the South Tees CCG offer and it was agreed that the Partnership should support their use for carers themselves besides the person cared for. Updates were given on work on Carers Week in June and how this links to the Hidden Carers TFG. TFG has nearly completed its work and it was suggested that this group now considers communication. The majority of the meeting, however, was dedicated to developing priorities for the Better Care Fund Carers Budget. Members narrowed down identified priority issues ahead of a special workshop in April 2017.
  • January 2017: Information and intelligence gathered at previous meetings on gaps and priorities helped to shape a report and discussion at this meeting about funding of support for carers over the next year.   Agreed priorities will now shape commissioning decisions against the 12 strategic outcomes in the Middlesbrough Carers Strategy.  Other items discussed included how locally all partners could respond to the Carers UK report: Pressure Points – Carers and the NHS.  Feedback was received from the two Task & Finish Groups and we discussed how they could link into the Middlesbrough Men’s Health Plan.  Finally feedback was received on what happed on the November’s Carers Right’s Day and what can potentially be done to improve on this year’s activity.
  • November 2016: the focus of this meeting was to facilitate the production an agreed Action Plan 2016 – 17 for the Partnership.   This included an exercise for stakeholders to consider the 12 strategic outcomes of the Middlesbrough Carers Strategy, prioritise them and suggest how their own services and work can influence the reaching of the outcomes.   We also considered the next step of a performance measurement mechanism (how we measure the impact of the actions against the outcomes) – this will be finalised at the next meeting.   Also on the agenda was:
    • the National Carers Survey;
    • Middlesbrough Council’s Market Position Statement on Carers Services; 
    • an insight into the work of Middlesbrough and Stockton Mind’s carer’s service;
    • agreement of the Partnership’s Task and Finish Groups mandates.
  • September 2016: at this meeting we confirmed the role and remit of our task and finish groups (identifying hidden carers; and communicating and engaging with carers), their governance and how they feedback to the wider Partnership.  We also discussed feedback from an initial mapping of services and support provided to carers in Middlesbrough and agreed this would form the basis for further work. How we respond to external activities such as the Carers Rights Day, Carers Week and external consultations was also prioritised and it was agreed that appropriate organisations should lead on responding to these with support and help from others. At the end of this meeting the members were asked to nominate individuals to be the Chair and Vice-chair of the Partnership and the results will be announced at the next meeting in November 2016.  
  • August 2016: the main focus of this meeting was to consider what is being done to deliver on the outcomes in our strategy and to start thinking about gaps in provision to shape future commissioning activities.  In addition, the CSP commissioned two time limited task and finish groups: one to agree our approach to engaging and communicating with carers, and the other to explore actions we can take to identify more hidden carers. 
  • July 2016: this was the first meeting of the new Partnership, which focused on setting the scene and exploring ways of working.