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Guest blog: Is one week to mark hate crime enough?

Guest blog by Sara Mirsalehi, Operational Manager- Linx

12th-16th October is marked as a week of raising awareness of Hate Crime.

Is this enough? Do we as services only deal with Hate crime incidents during this week? You, of course know the answer yourself.

Linx is one of the local organisations in Middlesbrough, amongst many other fantastic organisations, which work with young people ages from 10-19 on every day of the week to ensure they are receiving appropriate, age-related education and learn about Hate crimes as well as being challenged when necessary.

All this week, we will be running hate crime focused workshops across all our delivery areas in Hemlington, Coulby Newham, Ayresome, Newport & Grovehill. We do this because we believe education is key and it often appears our young people’s involvement in Hate Crime incidents are a direct result of ignorance and lack of understanding.

In our town, we all have huge responsibility to improve knowledge and understanding amongst all our beneficiaries. And at the same time ensuring every victim of this heinous and heartbreaking crime feels supported and comfortable to access services available. We hope to leave in a society that everyone respects each other and lives in harmony.