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Embarking on a Journey: A New Starter's Experience at MVDA

Joining a new organisation is always an exciting and nerve wracking time. As I recently became a part of the Middlesbrough Voluntary Development Agency (MVDA), I want to share my initial impressions and experiences as a new starter in this vibrant and community-focused environment.

From the moment I walked through the doors of MVDA, the welcoming atmosphere was palpable. The friendly faces and warm greetings from my new colleagues instantly put me at ease. The organisational culture here at MVDA is one that values collaboration, inclusivity, and a genuine passion for making a positive impact for volunteers and communities.

The induction process was a learning curve, as the vast amount of community and voluntary organisations within Middlesbrough that MVDA work with became abundantly present. My colleagues very quickly provided me with valuable insights into the organisation's history, mission, and the various projects and initiatives it undertakes to support the local community. It is obvious that the organisation and people within it have a wealth of experience and the supportive welcome available has been instrumental in helping me acclimatise to my new role.

One of the highlights of my first few weeks has been getting to know my colleagues and seeing the diverse array of skills, experiences, and backgrounds within the MVDA team.

MVDA's commitment to community development is truly inspiring. The organisation plays a crucial role in empowering local groups, fostering social inclusion, and supporting initiatives that address the needs of Middlesbrough's residents. As a new starter, aligning myself with such a rewarding mission has been inspiring and fulfilling...and I'm only 4 weeks in!

One of the aspects that attracted me to MVDA was its emphasis on professional development and the open and creative approach to working. The organisation seems to actively encourage its team members to enhance their skills, access training and for their staff to deliver work using their own strengths and experience, which in my case is using the arts as a vehicle for community and volunteer engagement.

Photo: Chris (right) with Suganya and Ruth at an outreach event.

As I continue my journey with MVDA, I am eager to contribute to the organisation's impactful work and be a part of positive changes in the Middlesbrough community. The support I've received thus far and the shared dedication to the agency's mission make me confident that this new chapter will be both rewarding and fulfilling.

Joining MVDA has been a promising start filled with warmth, encouragement, and a shared commitment to community development. I look forward to contributing my skills and passion to the meaningful work ahead and growing both personally and professionally within this vibrant organisation.

Chris Layfield


Volunteering Development Officer