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Activity packs for volunteers

Activity Packs

It has been well documented that keeping busy, especially with new things, can make a huge difference to how people feel. Something that improves your mental health, reduces stress levels and that enables you to spend time with others, is very beneficial at this time. To this end, we have put together a series of activity packs with a selection of things for you to have a go at.  It’s a great chance to learn a new skill, re-learn something you thought you had forgotten or spend time with your family making/doing things together.

We will be posting new things regularly, hopefully themed to what is going on. Feel free to share with others and it would be great if you could share what you make with us too, (newest first).

Loneliness Awareness Week

Loneliness is something that can affect any one of us at any point in our lives, but this issue has become more prominent during the coronavirus pandemic, making Loneliness Awareness Week more important than ever. Not being able to see family, friends and loved ones during this time has left many people at risk of feeling lonely and isolated.

To this end, we have collected some resources you can do at home and a list of helplines if you need a bit more support.

Loneliness Activty Pack

Carers Week

Carers are holding families together, enabling loved ones to get the most out of life, making an enormous contribution to society and saving the economy billions of pounds. Being a carer can, of course, be hugely rewarding but it isn't always easy. Looking after loved ones can impact on your own wellbeing. You may notice you have less time to do the things you enjoy and maintain friendships or you may notice you are starting to struggle at work or school with the extra home life pressure. 

As a consequence, we have put together these activities for you. Give yourself a mini pamper session, try some mindullness techniques, give yoga a go or simply do some colouring in. Whatever you decide to do, look after yourself.

Carers Activity Pack

Volunteers Week 

The first pack we are sharing with you is to celebrate Volunteers week which is 1st to 7th June every year. There has been an unprecedented number of people who have stepped up to volunteer during this pandemic and we want to thank them from the bottom of our hearts for their generous spirit and commitment.

However, even volunteers need a break from ‘life, the universe and everything’ as Douglas Adams would say, so why not take one of the activities here and give yourself that well-earned break?

Download Volunteers Week Activity Pack

Carers Activity Pack

Loneliness Activity Pack